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Lesson 3
Build your mini-course

Your mini-course shall now exist  🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️
We’ve laid the groundwork, but now it’s actually time to turn your idea a reality. Let’s build your mini-course!

Fair warning: this is the step in the process where most people give up (or get lost in the weeds!) They get overwhelmed by the multitude of decisions, especially what platform to host a course on.

That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of that decision for you and we’re offering you a chance to try our course platform for FREE and walk you through every step of getting your course up and running.

Shameless Plug: Meet Teachery & Start Your 2-Week Free Trial

Right now, you’re currently viewing an online course built using our course platform, Teachery. Yes, friend, this is our inception moment. It’s a course about courses! This isn’t a dream, Leo!

Using Teachery to create your mini-course is 100% free (during the free 2-week trial) and it’s even going to help you get your course set up and functional in a matter of moments.

Note: If you enjoy the process of using Teachery, we’ll tack on two free MONTHS because you came through Make500. Simply send an email to Jason with your Teachery account email (which you’ll have in a moment) and mention the Make500 2-month bonus offer. Boom!

Note #2: If you want to use a different course platform other than Teachery we don't mind at all. Use whatever course platform helps you get your course up and running, friend.