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Part 3
Create your payment page

Let the people pay you money!

Your sales page explains your mini-course and why someone should purchase it; your payment page is HOW someone actually gives you money for your mini-course and then gets access to it!

Lucky for you, if you’re using Teachery for your mini-course, you get a built-in payment page that’s easy to connect to a Teachery Landing Page (or any sales page builder for that matter).

The steps for using Teachery’s Payment Page feature are as follows:

  • Create a Stripe account: If you don’t have a free account, create one (this is only for YOU)
  • Connect your Stripe account: Once you have a Stripe account, connect it to your Teachery account in your MY ACCOUNT page
  • Create a new Payment Page: Once your Stripe account is connected to Teachery, go ahead and create a new Payment Page in the Teachery course editor (PAYMENT PAGES > Add Payment Page)
  • Fill out the Payment Page: Set your course price, fill out the Payment Page content areas, and add the finishing touches on the colors and styling (STYLE YOUR COURSE > Payment Pages)
  • Create a Promo Code: If you’re offering a 50% OFF discount, hop into the Promo Code section of Teachery and create your promo code there (just remember to tell your customers about this promo code when you write your sales emails!)
  • Link your Payment Page to your Sales Page: When you’re all done, grab the URL of your Payment Page and add that link to your sales page (most likely as a big BUY button!)

If you are NOT using Teachery to sell your mini-course and you aren’t sure how to accept payment for it, we’d highly recommend using Gumroad makes it REALLY easy to sell anything and you can get a product up and for sale in minutes. You’ll just need to figure out the fulfillment side of things on your own if you go this route.

We’ve included a walk-through video of setting up your first Payment Page in Teachery and you can see just how simple this process is!