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Part 2
Create your sales page (the P.O.P.S.E.P. method)
Give yourself 1-2 hours (maximum) to write AND create your sales page 😱

Putting a sales page together can feel a bit like climbing Mount Everest; the idea alone can cause you to breathe heavily and want to run the opposite direction. BUT FEAR NOT! We’ve got you covered.

Over the years we’ve made probably 50+ sales pages for our online courses. We’ve found a nice little process for churning them out and you get to learn from our experience (think of this like we’re your sales page sherpas!)

We use a handy-dandy acronym to remember a simple plug-and-play formula for a basic sales page. It’s called the P.O.P.S.E.P. method:

  • Problem: A headline that grabs your potential customer’s attention and addresses the clear problem you’re solving for them.
  • Outcome: Your solution to the problem and the outcome your customer wants.
  • Product: Show how the product you want someone to purchase (your mini-course) is the answer to your customer’s problem.
  • Social proof: Quotes and testimonials to build credibility. This is how you tell strangers on the Internet that other strangers on the Internet trust you.
  • Examples: Show, don’t tell! Visual examples of what it looks like inside your course or what the customer can expect from your product.
  • Purchase: Let people pay you for your knowledge and experience!

We’ve put together a Google Doc to help you write your sales page copy using the P.O.P.S.E.P. method, and we included an example (our debt-payoff course) to help guide you as well.

After writing your sales page copy, you can see how quickly a Teachery Landing Page can be whipped together (under 15 minutes in the video walkthrough above!) View the completed page by clicking this GIF...

You do NOT have to use Teachery to create your sales page, feel free to use Squarespace, Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, whatever, just make sure you use something you know and don’t go on a journey to experiment with a new website building platform right now.