Make500 Progress (4%)
Step 3
Style and customize your mini-course
Don't spend too much time styling your course...

We know customization and styling can create massive distractions. We’d HIGHLY recommend setting a timer for no more than ONE hour to customize and style your mini-course. Sure, you may want to spend a lot more time, but we can assure you, the colors and images in your mini-course are NOT going to be the reason you make $500. 😉

Here are the most important things to customize:

  1. The Overview course page header image. You can choose to simply upload a logo for your mini-course or you can do something like we did with Make500 to utilize the full header. Either way, keep it simple and don’t overthink it.
  2. Your course font. While in the Overview page of your course there’s a “Choose Course Font” button with 30+ available free fonts. If you aren’t a font nerd, just skip this step and use the default Teachery font!
  3. (For the Default Course Template Only) Overview course page avatar image. This is a small photo of you you’ll want to upload so people can see your beautiful face.
  4. Your course pages (Overview, Lessons, and Payment Page). In the sidebar go into the STYLE YOUR COURSE section and hop into each available page and start picking the colors you want for your mini-course. Pro-tip: If you don’t have branding colors already, we highly recommend using a tool like to get a cohesive color palette!
  5. Your Welcome Email. In the sidebar go to EMAILS > Welcome Email and customize this email to welcome your mini-course students. This is the email they receive after purchasing, so thank them and be inviting (note: Do not change any links in this email)
  6. Your Course Completed Email. In the same EMAILS section you’ll find a Course Completed Email that a student will get when they mark all lessons in your mini-course as completed. Fill this out and congratulate them!

And you’ve done it! Essentially, your mini-course is COMPLETED! 🥳

You’ve added your 3 core lessons, you’ve styled the mini-course, and that will wrap up Day 3 and having a finished mini-course - WOOT!

In Day 4’s lesson, we’ll work on your mini-course pricing, sales page, and sales emails!