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Part 2
Your 3 core lessons
Let's create your 3 mini-course lessons 💪

Now that you have better defined who you’re trying to help, let’s narrow down WHAT you’re going to teach them.

First, think about your 3 core lessons as though you’re taking someone on a short journey to reach your mini-course objective. What are the three key things someone needs to know and accomplish in order to reach your mini-course objective?

The answer to that question will help you define the topics of your 3 lessons.

You also want to make sure each core lesson ends with getting your customer a “quick win.” A quick win is an action they can take that will give them a sense of accomplishment, allow them to apply what you’re teaching them, and turn your information into something tangible.

The topic of each lesson should speak to a specific problem your customer has related to your mini-course objective, and your quick win should offer them a solution to that problem.

Maybe you need a few examples to get your creative juices flowing?

From Day 1’s lesson, you should have your mini-course objective handy. We’re going to use our fictitious objective to show you how we’d build out a core lesson from it:

Example Objective: My mini-course will help someone become financially free and less stressed about money (transformation) by teaching them how to build a debt-payoff plan (the specific outcome).

Core Lesson #1: Organizing & consolidating your debt

Problem This Lesson Solves: You feel disorganized and overwhelmed because you can’t see all your debt in one central location.

Lesson Topic/Solution: In the first lesson of this mini-course, we’re going to walk through a very simple process of organizing all your debt in one place. We’ll go through all your credit cards and other debts, bring them into ONE spreadsheet so we can see them all at once, and we’ll be able to build a debt-payoff plan when we can finally see the bigger picture.

Lesson Exercise: An example Google Sheet that helps someone organize multiple credit cards, loans, etc. in ONE debt-payoff sheet.

Lesson Video: I’ll do a screen recording using Loom to walk through adding all debts into the example Google Sheet.

You should be able to follow this basic lesson formula for each of your 3 core lessons:

  1. Problem the lesson solves
  2. Lesson topic that offers a solution to the problem
  3. Lesson exercise to solve the problem & get that quick win
  4. (Optional) Lesson video to walk through a complex task

As mentioned earlier, we have a template for you to use and follow to write out and keep your 3 core lessons in a nice organized place (a Google Doc). If you don’t like Google Docs, feel free to use whatever writing app whets your whistle and just copy + paste from our template.