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Part 3
Optional warm-up email
People appreciate and enjoy a heads-up
Depending on how engaged your email audience is (read: how often you email them) we’d recommend sending a warm-up email to them today. This email is very simple and gives them a heads-up of your upcoming mini-course launch.

Once you define your transformation and specific outcome from the lesson above, you can even include that as a way to pique the interest of subscribers who are interested in your mini-course topic. This will get them excited and starting the purchase consideration process now!

You DO NOT have to include pricing information about your mini-course if you aren't sure how you'll price it yet. Just remove any mention of the price but feel free to say you'll be offering a discount when the mini-course opens up next week.

NOTE: If you are in constant contact with your email list (you send weekly emails) you may not need to send this warm-up email. If you don’t email your list regularly, we would strongly encourage sending a warm-up email today would be a good idea.

Click here to use our Warm-Up Email Template and send that puppy today!