Make500 Progress (4%)
Part 2
Managing expectations
Your brain will run wild if you let it!
When you’re working on any project with some sort of a financial outcome, it’s incredibly important to manage your expectations. We called this 7-day challenge Make500 because our goal is to have you make at least $500 from your mini-course.

Now, could you make more than that? Sure. But, let’s keep our collective expectations very low (hence: Make $500) and enjoy anything above that expectation as gravy on top.

In our business, we always like to set a realistic expectation of sales based on our email list numbers because that’s the primary method of direct sales for us. So here’s a statistical assumption that we want to pass along to you:

You should expect about 2-3% of your email audience to purchase your mini-course IF (and this is a very important if) your audience is engaged and you’ve been in contact with them regularly for the past few months.

Here’s how that percentage breaks down depending on your list size to help you manage expectations:

  • If you have 300 email subscribers: 2% is 6 purchases (3% is 9)
  • If you have 500 email subscribes: 2% is 10 purchases (3% is 15)
  • If you have 800 email subscribers: 2% is 16 purchases (3% is 24)
  • Etc...

We’ll talk A LOT more about pricing your mini-course on Day 4 (spoiler alert: You can probably charge more than $20) but this 2-3% rule can also help you determine a range for pricing your course. For example, at the 300 email subscriber number, a 2-3% conversion means you’d need to charge $56-$83 for your mini-course to meet the $500 goal.

👉 Let's manage those expectations: Using the size of your email list, write down how many sales you’d get if 2% convert to purchases. What about 3%? If those stats hold true, how much would you have to charge for your mini-course to make your $500 goal?