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Final Lesson
Finish out your mini-course sale!

You're pretty much done - WAHOO!  🥳
Believe it or not, yesterday was the last lesson where you had an “official” to-do item from us (creating that customer spreadsheet). Is that exciting news, or what??

Your main focus for today and tomorrow should be on queuing up your second and third sales email and answering any questions people have for you. Bonus points if you want to keep posting on social media about your mini-course sale.


Things to think about when your 3-day sale ends...

Aside from that, we simply want to remind you of a few things you’ll want to take care of when your sale is completed:

Your sales page

  • Do you want to continue to have your mini-course up for sale?
  • If you do, are you going to raise the price to a full price now that the initial sale is over? Do you need to expire or remove any promo codes you created?
  • If you don’t, you may as well flip the sales page to capture emails of interested customers (in Teachery Landing Pages this is the click of one button!)

Your payment page

  • If you are changing the price of your mini-course on your sales page, make sure you also do it on your payment page
  • If you are not selling your mini-course for awhile, close down your payment page (in Teachery you can add the registration expiration timer and just set it to any day in the past to expire the page)

Your surprise and delight

  • Did you promise to deliver something later on? Don’t forget about this!
  • Are your customers enjoying this? Check in on them about it.

Optional: Send a simple survey to your customers

  • We love sending a post-sale survey to our customers to learn more about them AND why they purchased
  • We highly recommend for setting up surveys

Sample survey questions you can ask:

  1. What outcome do you hope to achieve with [insert mini-course]
  2. What led you to purchase [insert mini-course]
  3. What would you like to learn next from me?
  4. Name/Email address (always good to have on hand!)
  5. Add any other questions you like!

Have fun finishing out your mini-course sale and we hope these final reminders will help you out! If there's anything we can help with, don't hesitate to email us and ask.