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Oh hello, friend! 👋
We’re Jason and Caroline Zook (you probably already knew that), a husband and wife duo who will be your Make500 sherpas for this 7-day challenge.

The entire goal behind Make500 is exactly as the name states: we want to show you how you can make money from an idea you have, virtually out of thin air.

But in order to make that happen, we need two things from you during this Make500 journey:

1. Commit to doing the work we lay out for you these next 7 days. Especially if you’ve not made money from an online course before, let this be the time that you prove to yourself this IS possible for YOU!

2. Don’t overthink it! We’ve tried to break down the next 7 days into bite-size lessons that you can accomplish in about 1 hour per day (or less!) You can fancy things up later on but for the purposes of Make500, we ask that you stick to our plan and keep it simple.

Here’s what the Make500 lessons look like:

  • Day 1 - Set your expectations and write your mini-course objective
  • Day 2 - Identify and write your 3 core lessons
  • Day 3 - Create your mini-course with our simple template
  • Day 4 - Create your sales page, sales emails, and mini-course price
  • Day 5 - Warm up your audience and test all the things
  • Day 6 - Start your mini-course 48-hour sale
  • Day 7 - Continue the 48-hour sale and prepare to close things down
  • Day 8 - Wrap up!

PRO-TIP: Right now, go to your calendar and block off ONE hour of time for Make500 each day for the next 7 days. This will help keep you accountable for getting the results you want!

One last note… We’ve set up Make500 so you CAN go through the lessons faster than 7 days (you’ll notice the lessons are not locked). If you’re a go-getter, we’re happy to have you cruise through a bit faster. But, don’t feel like you have to move faster than our daily lessons are set up for.

And an additional final, last note... You'll see a button at the bottom left of every lesson in Make500 that you can click to mark completed. SMASH those buttons as you go along (after completing each lesson's action step, obviously). Yay for smashing buttons!