Make500 Progress (4%)
Step 2
Add mini-course content to your new course
Time to set up your mini-course!

Once you finish Step #1 (activating your Teachery account) you’ll be staring at your very own mini-course! HUZZAH! Look. At. You.

With Teachery’s course editor, you simply click into any section to edit the text. Don’t worry about adding images or changing colors in your course yet; we’ll cover that next.

Here’s a quick checklist of items to get done in the mini-course completion process (there’s a walkthrough video of this process below!):

  1. Choose your course template. (You’ll be looking at the Default Template first, but in the editor sidebar, you can go into SETTINGS > Manage Options > Template and select the “Minimal Theme” to view the other course template option.)
  2. Once you’ve decided on your course template, add a New Lesson to your course. (In the sidebar click COURSE PAGES > Add Lesson and title this an “Introduction” lesson.)
  3. Fill out your new “Introduction” lesson. Write some content that helps welcome your mini-course student (just like we did here with the Make500 course!)
  4. Once you finish updating the “Introduction” lesson, go ahead and sort it to be the first lesson. (To do this, in the sidebar go to COURSE PAGES > Sort Lessons and you can drag and drop it to be first before your 3 core lessons.)
  5. Customize your Overview page. Go to your Overview page and fill out the Intro/Get Started/Questions sections with the appropriate info.(COURSE PAGES > Overview)
  6. Add your content! Go into each of your 3 core lessons and add in your lesson content!
  7. OPTIONAL: Wrap-up. Create another new lesson that will serve as a “Conclusion” or “Next Steps” lesson (Hint: You could use this as a preview of a full-size course you plan to sell later on!)

Believe it or not, your mini-course is basically completed! How about them apples?! Pretty straightforward and doable, yeah?