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Lesson 6
Start selling your mini-course

Let the (sales) fun begin! 🚀

Today is when the magic starts to happen! You should have your first sales emails queued up and sending this morning.

Create a very simple spreadsheet to keep track of your mini-course purchases

If you’re using Teachery, there’s a CSV file created for you as soon as you have your first purchase! Simply head to your MY COURSES page in your Teachery account, scroll to the Your Courses section and in the course and click the “CSV” text link to download your purchase data.

(Thank you, Winslow Family!)

If you aren’t using Teachery OR you simply want to track your sales in a different way, go ahead and whip up your own Google Sheet, Airtable, etc.

This is also a great way to keep track of:

  • Are you manually sending a thank you email? Create a column for that and update it with each person.
  • Are you surprising and delighting your customers somehow? Create a column for that and update it with each person (unless you’ve added it as a bonus lesson in the course itself).
  • Anything else you want to add to your purchase spreadsheet!


Are you getting any replies from your first sales email? Questions you need to address on your sales page or in Day 2's email?

Make sure to keep on top of any questions people have if they email you about your mini-course. If you are seeing a pattern of questions being asked, don’t be afraid to update your sales page to answer that question in some way!

Don’t forget to double-check that your Day 2 sales email is up and ready to go.

OPTIONAL: If you want to promote your mini-course on social media, carve out an hour or less today to do that! Just remember, you need to share the problem you are solving and include your own story through the problem (not just a “course for sale!” post, no one cares about that).