Make500 Progress (4%)
Part 4
Our 3-day sales email sequence
Avoid the biggest mistake people make...

The BIGGEST mistake people make when trying to sell anything is not selling it enough. They will send one email, one tweet, one IG post, etc, and then wonder why no one bought. Have you been there before? Don’t worry, we’ve ALL been there before.

You believe in this mini-course, right? You know it will help someone, yeah? So let’s not have you shoot yourself in your proverbial foot and instead let’s set you up for Make500 success!

We’re going to recommend a simple 3-day sales sequence. Here’s a blueprint you can follow:

  • Email #1: Launch announcement; focus on the transformation and specific outcome from your mini-course objective!
  • Email #2: Share your personal story and/or some social proof
  • Email #3: Future outcomes a customer can expect after buying
  • Optional Email #4: Final call*

We have a Google Doc for you that will walk you through writing these sales emails with prompts and questions to make it as straight-forward as possible.  

We HIGHLY advocate for writing your sales emails right after creating your sales page because the copy you write using our P.O.P.S.E.P. method can be directly related to the 3 sales emails you write.

*100% OPTIONAL: If you want, you can add a 4th email to the sales sequence that is a “FINAL CALL” email. We like to send this email only to people who have clicked a link to the sales page. If you know how to tag your email subscribers and set up your emails to only go to certain tags, this is something you should think about doing. If this all seems confusing for you, just skip it! That’s why it’s optional.


Ideally, by the end of today, you’ll have your sales emails, sales page, payment page, ALL THE THINGS ready!

Tomorrow we want to make sure to test everything and get it ready for “launch” on Day 6. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can split today’s tasks into two days, but we’d definitely recommend trying to knock it all out today.

In Day 5’s lesson (tomorrow), we’re going to test your “sales funnel” and make sure you give a great first experience to your mini-course customers!