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Part 1
Creating a good post-purchase Thank You email
Why is a Thank You email important?

Well, someone just gave you money for something that didn’t exist about a week ago and you want to make sure they have a great experience with that thing!

Here’s how to craft your Thank You email:

If you’re using Teachery, this is going to be as simple as updating your Teachery Welcome Email (edit your course, go to EMAILS > Welcome Email in the sidebar).

The items you want to make sure you include in the Welcome/Thank You Email are as follows:

  • A very clear link to access your mini-course (already done for you in Teachery!)
  • A very clear link to change your password (already done for you in Teachery!)
  • Some sort of personal message saying thank you and showing gratitude
  • A way for people to contact you if they have questions about the mini-course (as simple as saying, “Hit reply if you have questions!”)

If you aren’t using Teachery to sell your course, then you’ll want to set up a simple email automation using your preferred email provider. This may just be a one-email sequence that gets sent based on a purchase trigger.

Now, if that last sentence was incredibly befuddling to you and the term “email automation” has you panic-Googling, then we have a mind-blowing solution: Send your thank you email manually! Whaaaaaat? Yep. Write out a Thank You email “script” and have it ready in your favorite writing app or as a Draft email. When someone makes a purchase from you, fire open a new email, grab their contact info, and copy + paste your Thank You email template and hit send (feel free to customize the email a bit if you like!)

The point is, don’t let the “automation” part of this process trip you up and become the reason you never sell your mini-course at all.