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Part 3
Testing your sales funnel from start to finish
Don't skimp out on testing...

One mistake you REALLY, REALLY want to avoid is your customers having trouble purchasing your mini-course when you send your first sales email.

This is why we recommend doing a thorough test of your "sales funnel" and completing an actual test purchase.

  • Step #1: Grab your sales page URL and open in a completely new browser you haven’t been working in.
  • Step #2: Read the page BACKWARDS from end to beginning. Sound weird? This is the best way to find typos because it forces your brain to read each word and not skim.
  • Step #3: Click your big buy button and go through your checkout process. You should use a unique email address for the checkout process so you get the Thank You email and have a nice clean experience.
  • Step #4: Did purchasing go okay? Did you receive the Welcome/Thank You email? Could you access the mini-course with ease? Was there a surprise and delight that showed up? Really put yourself in the mindset of a customer going through these steps for the first time and ask yourself if you need to add or write anything to make the process more clear.
  • Step #5: Once everything looks great, don’t forget to refund your test purchase in Stripe or your payment processor! (In Teachery, you can refund directly from the customer profile that was created when you made the purchase.)
  • Bonus Step #6: Send a friend your sales page and ask them to go through the buying process from start to finish as well. Did they notice anything off or weird?

Repeat after us: Testing is your friend!